Digital Warriors, to be exact.

You don't exactly have to be the Chuck Norris of everything, but you know how to kick some asses.

Job Positions

  • - Web / Creative / Graphic Designer
  • - Illustrator
  • - Social Media People
  • - Writer
  • - Account Executive / Manager
  • - Web Developer / Programmer

We want dedicated team members who aren't only smart, fearless & creative, but know how to have fun!

PS: For all positions, it is mandatory that you speak fluent English in writing and in communication on daily office life!


Idebaik is an up & coming digital agency. We've been there for 3 years and thriving! Loving life (and projects) to the fullest!

We work with some of the coolest clients & brands ever. They're mostly the day-to-day consumer goods products you use/eat/drink/wear. They have great projects and most of all - fun in a challenging way!!

Our Office:

A wide open space with photography studio, sauna, playroom and (coming soon) mini-kitchen!

The open space is created so that there is no division in our work teams. Everyone is in the same team, on the same boat, so we prefer working together. You can just hop on and learn new things together with people from other domains of digital.

The photography studio is equipped by state-of-the-art photography gadgets (including a badass Canon 5D Mark III) and you are free to take photography lessons (or even do your own photo sessions) anytime.

The showers & sauna will soon be joined by a mini fitness - and a swimming pool is just a few meters away!

The playroom. Now. The playroom is something cool - we have a Cinema 3D and play station with XBOX Kinect, Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS & 3DS as well as vintage consoles like Super NES / Famicom, Nintendo 64 - adding to these gears will be the New WiiU! And the billiard table is just a plus. We will have a mini-kitchen adjoined to the playroom soon!!

Send us your CV along with your salary expectation & portfolio to info@idebaik.com - only the real warriors will be hired!

Play pool, don't play fool.
A blackboard wall for imaginations to run free.
Mario, Mario - wherefore art thou Mario?
Fun is in our DNA - what's yours?
Spidery spidery web...they light up the night at the playroom.
Game on, Wayne!!
Ayu. The one who likes to sing out loud the music she's listening to.
Where's the popcorn, please?
Daniel, our Art Director. His middle name is Hipster.